Angel donations
angel donations

Mail Your Angel Donation

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Please use the instructions below to mail your Angel Donation. If you wish to make an online donation, click here to submit your donation via PayPal.
STEP ONE: Download and print the Angel Donation form by clicking the button below.
STEP TWO: After downloading and printing the Angel Donation form, fill in your name as you would like it to appear on the Angel’s list. Also, fill in your address, city, state, and zip code.  If you are making the Angel Donation in memory of someone, please provide the individual’s name.
STEP THREE: Write a check payable to HOH Players.  Angel donation levels are listed below.

$1000 and up – Diamond Angel
$500 to $999 – Golden Angel
$250 to $499 – Silver Angel
$100 to $249 – Bronze Angel
$50 to $99 – Star Angel
$25 to $49 – Earth Angel

STEP FOUR: Send your check and completed Angel Donation form to the following address:

HOH Players
28401 Mound Rd #946
Warren, MI 48090

The Heart of the Hills Players appreciates your support!

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